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Yet Another Podcast #181 – Matthew Robbins on MFractor

Matthew Robbins is a Xamarin and Microsoft MVP and he is the creator of MFractor, a mobile-first utility for Visual Studio Mac. Our site: Documentation: Localisation Tooling Blog: Notice: Yet Another Podcast listeners can use the following discount code for 10% … Continue reading

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iPhone 7+ – First Look

What can I say that you don’t already know?   [Updated Sept 23, 09:19: To reset the iPhone 7, hold the power button and the volume down button until you see the apple The battery does seem to last much … Continue reading

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The $20,000 Xamarin Programmer

If Xamarin programing is going to be how you make your living,  then I highly recommend this list of hardware and software. iOS, OSX, Android, Windows Phone, Windows   If you are going to develop on both Mac and Windows, it is painful … Continue reading

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10ish Cool New Products

What follows are products I’ve recently discovered, that now I can’t live without. Back Pack Let’s start with the best backpack I’ve ever owned This is the Cocoon, which sells for about $100. There are two main pockets. The larger has … Continue reading

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Product Recommendation -SaneBox for Email

I don’t usually write about individual cool products, but if email is making you crazy this is a product you really want to check out.  It is called SaneBox and it separates your mail for you automagically into inbox, BuilkMail, View … Continue reading

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I’ve Become A Big Fan of Amazon’s WhisperSync

I’ve discovered Amazon’s WhisperSync, and I’m in love. The idea is that you buy an Audible book and a Kindle book — and your device (which can be a computer, iPad, Kindle, etc.) keeps them synchronized.  This allows two wonderful … Continue reading

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Read twice as fast, one word at a time

It turns out that there are better ways to read than the way we learned as children.  Based  on significant research, Flash Reading appears to be able to instantly increase your reading speed by 50% to 100% or more, while … Continue reading

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Intel Ultrabook Review: Haswell for the win!

In a previous posting, I explained that Intel sent me a Haswell Ultrabook to review.  I’ve had it now for a few months, and, despite the problems I’ve had due to it being a pre-production module, it remains a superstar.

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Essential Development Tools–Part 2

In a very recent post, I described a number of Insanely Essential Utilities for developers.  It occurs to me that I put the cart before the horse, and prior to installing any of that, you need a development environment that … Continue reading

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Sublime Text–My New Love

A week ago I wrote about my new editor: Sublime Text. As I explained then, I bought Sublime Text because I wanted a light-weight text editor with good support for code snippets.  My initial impressions were that Sublime Text

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