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Yet Another Podcast #135 – Miguel de Icaza on Xamarin

Miguel de Icaza is one of the most respected technologists in the industry, known  for starting the Gnome and Mono projects.  He is the CTO and co-founder of Xamarin and a genuinely nice person.  Today we talk about Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms and mobile programming. … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast Show 134 – Scott Hunter and ASP.NET V-Next

Scott Hunter of Microsoft joins Jon Galloway and me to discuss ASP.NET V-Next.  If you are a web programmer do not miss this show. Scott’s Blog ASP.NET V-Next Page Jon Galloway’s Blog       Listen | Yet Another Podcast  

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Yet Another Podcast #133 – Jon Galloway on ASP.NET

Jon Galloway, co-host, friend and Microsoft Evangelist joins me to discuss ASP.NET MVC 5. Jon’s Blog Professional ASP.NET MVC 5 ASP.NET site   Listen | Yet Another Podcast  

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Yet Another Podcast #132: FalafelCon Roundtable

Talking with J. Tower, Josh Eastburn and Venkata Koppaka of Falafel Software about their upcoming presentations at FalafelCon.  We also discuss working remotely, software, AngularJS, Xamarin and much more. Falafel Software FalafelCon Falafel Blogs HipChat GoToMeeting 48 States Project Special … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #131 – Phil Haack

Phil Haack works at GitHub, is formerly of Microsoft, and is always worth listening to. GitHub Phil’s Blog   Listen | Yet Another Podcast    

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Yet Another Podcast #130–Intense Xamarin

We have James Montemagno and Jeremie Laval of Xamarin in a very intense discussion of Xamarin and iOS and Android. Jeremie’s Web Site Jeremie’s Blog @jeremie_laval James’ Blog James’ GitHub James’ Twitter Xamarin Evolve 2014 Listen | Yet Another Podcast … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #129–Paul Betts

Paul Betts is my co-author of Programming Reactive Extensions and LINQ and one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.  He now works at GitHub, and lately has been writing about Xamarin and using Reactive UI as an MVVM framework. … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #128: The Legendary Charles Petzold

Charles Petzold, legendary author of Programming Windows talks about DirectX and his new gig at Xamarin where he writes about Xamarin Forms, MVVM and much more. Charles Petzold’s site Xamarin Xamarin Forms White Paper on Xamarin Show Me The Xaml … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast Show 127–Laurent Bugnion, Xamarin & MVVM Light

Laurent Bugnion, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Regional Director and Senior Director for IdentityMine, works from Zurich Switzerland where he is the author of MVVM Light, one of the premier libraries and toolkits for MVVM on all XAML systems and now Xamarin … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast Show 126–Mike Bluestein from Xamarin

Yet Another Podcast returns with a great show with Mike Bluestein from Xamarin, talking about Xamarin Past, Present and Future.  Xamarin recently released Xamarin 3, and with it Xamarin Forms, greatly simplifying the process of creating cross platform applications. Xamarin … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast Show 125 – Mads Kristensen

We’re back! And we’re back with a bang: John Papa, Jon Galloway and I interview Mads Kristensen about all the cool things he’s into these days, especially Web Essentials. Mads John Papa Jon Galloway Web Essentials Listen | Yet Another … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #124–Mary Jo Foley And The New Microsoft

Mary Jo Foley, editor of ZDNet’s All About Microsoft blog talks about /Build and the new leadership at the New Microsoft. All About Microsoft MJF’s Interview of Scott Guthrie MJF’s Interview of Terry Myerson Cortana Build Announcements Project N Listen … Continue reading

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