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Yet Another Podcast Show #3 – John Papa on MVVM and Patterns

Talking with John Papa, Senior Technical Evangelist, about MVVM and Patterns 5 Simple Steps for MVVM Keeping up with the community Top blogs MVVM Light Ward Bell’s photos Grok. Verb: To fully understand.  See Stranger In A Strange Land by … Continue reading

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Programmer Superstitions

There are a number of practices that we engage in –– no, that we cling to, and defend, and teach to others,  – that amount to magical thinking, or at best, rational failure. This is often just fine, no harm … Continue reading

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Coding Without A Net

I recently imposed on myself the constraint of coding without comments. Why?

* Comments rust faster than code, even when you’re careful
* Well written code can be read, and comments are annoying footnotes
* Comments make for lazy coding
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Silverlight As A Transmedia Platform

The advent of Windows Phone 7 is particularly exciting to current Silverlight programmers, because Silverlight (along with .xna) is the development platform for the new phone.  I recently recorded two Silverlight TV episodes, and in one I created a typical … Continue reading

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MVVM – It’s Not Kool-Aid*

[ Revised with C# and VB.NET code] Okay, first, understand that I’m in the position of running through the streets yelling at folks “c’mere! ya’ gotta see this!” and what I’m pointing to is the incredible new invention of… a … Continue reading

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MEF, Silverlight and the HVP

This article is part of the Mini-Tutorial Series Executive Summary This article continues the design and exploration phase of the Silverlight HVP project by beginning to examine the role the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) will play in solving a number … Continue reading

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Silverlight HVP on Silverlight TV

  The Silverlight HyperVideo Project has made two guest appearances on Silverlight TV.  In the first, I talk with John Papa about the project itself and how it has evolved. Then, during Mix, Tim Heuer and I sat down with … Continue reading

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When Is It OK To Hack?

This mini-tutorial is part of the SLHVP documentation One of the goals of the Silverlight HyperVideo Project is to demonstrate best practices.  So when is it okay to throw in a quick hack to get things working?

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Test Driven Silverlight Body Snatchers

This posting is part of the Silverlight HyperVideo Platform documentation and a Silverlight Mini-tutorial. The information in this posting, however, should be of interest to anyone writing meaningful Line of Business applications with Silverlight. The premise of the classic 1956 … Continue reading

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Rapidly Evolving Design

The problem with using a blog to track a rapidly evolving design, is that blogs don’t make for very fluid documents; the unwritten rule is that once posted, you ought not go back and substantially alter a post. Matching Blog … Continue reading

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Silverlight Test Driven Development – Part II

        At the end of Test Driven Body Snatchers I promised to follow up with a walkthrough of real-world Test Driven Development. What gets into me?  Well, a promise is a promise.  Walking Through Test Driven Development … Continue reading

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