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Yet Another Podcast Show #2 – Erik Mork Discussing Windows Phone 7

Talking with Erik Mork of The Silverlight Podcast about Windows Phone 7 and the Smart Phone Market. Erik’s Podcast Silver Bay Labs Products Mentioned: iTeleport Listen

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Yet Another Podcast Show #1 – Alt dot net & Open Source

Talking with Jon Galloway of Herding Code & Microsoft, about Alt.net and Open Source and the role of technical evangelists. Products mentioned: Audacity Show1

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Giving away Programming C# 4 – one per week…

If you’d like a free copy of Programming C# 4 direct from O’Reilly, just leave a comment… Continue reading

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Tag-based Feeds

In this posting I will show how to create Feedburner feeds based on queries in Word Press using the  Feedburner plugins.

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Creating An Open Source WP7 Application

There has been some thrashing about the HyperVideo player.  This note is both an update and an invitation for you to participate.

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Awarded Silverlight Cream’s Best Blog Post of 2010

I’m incredibly proud that Silverlight Cream (required reading for anyone interested in Silverlight) rated one of my blog posts #1 for 2010.    The pride results only from the fact  that Dave does such an incredible job every day culling … Continue reading

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Why Developers Should, Must, Do Care About The New Expression Blend

Okay, tough love: if you are serious about Silverlight development, the days of using one Integrated Development Environment for all you work are…. over.  The benefits of adding Expression Blend to your toolkit, and getting serious about learning how to … Continue reading

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The Next Six Months

Enough is going on that I thought I’d lay out my plans for the next six months, especially as a few of these items involve community contributions. My principal focus from now until the end of 2010 will be: Silverlight … Continue reading

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Diary of a trip to the UK and Ireland – Thanks for all the fish

This is the penultimate entry in my on-going diary, a 90 second recording, in which I take a moment to thank everyone and capture for a good laugh,  my  absurd tendency to unconsciously modify the way I speak,  wherever I … Continue reading

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Diary of a trip to the UK and Ireland – Pain in the Ash

Dateline 21-April-2010 St. Andrews Scotland The User Group meeting in Dundee (“Silverlight From Zero”) and in the shockingly beautiful city of Edinburgh (“Silverlight LOB Applications Development with MVVM and TDD”) both went very well.  The turnout was good at Dundee … Continue reading

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Diary of a trip to the UK and Ireland – User Groups

Dateline: Newcastle Upon Tyne, 17-April  09:44 BST Another terrific experience last night, speaking at a room in Newcastle University to a group of professional and intrepid coders. I’m told that setting a meeting on Friday night is a recipe for … Continue reading

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Diary of a trip to the UK and Ireland – Continued

Dateline Hetton, near Skipton. The presentation in Cambridge was great fun, preceded by a quick walking tour with Rachel Hawley (who, it turns out, I’ve known thrice without understanding she was all the same person!  She was involved in hiring … Continue reading

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