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Lessons learned on Twitter

This week I posted a new podcast with Scott Hunter of Microsoft, along with Jon Galloway of Microsoft and Ward Bell of IdeaBlade. I was pretty excited about what Scott had to say about Angular and ASP.NET, and tried to … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #116–Tables Turned: Interviewing Jesse Liberty

In this podcast, my friends Jon Galloway and Jeffrey Fritz turn the tables, and interview me about life, the Universe and everything. Listen | Yet Another Podcast  

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Intel Ultrabook Review: Haswell for the win!

In a previous posting, I explained that Intel sent me a Haswell Ultrabook to review.  I’ve had it now for a few months, and, despite the problems I’ve had due to it being a pre-production module, it remains a superstar.

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Essential Development Tools–Part 2

In a very recent post, I described a number of Insanely Essential Utilities for developers.  It occurs to me that I put the cart before the horse, and prior to installing any of that, you need a development environment that … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #110–Steve Smith on Software Development

  Steve is a software developer with a passion for building quality software as effectively as possible. He’s also EVP, Services for Telerik. Steve has published several courses on Pluralsight, covering design patterns, software architecture, and improving software quality. He’s … Continue reading

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Two Dozen Insanely Essential Programmer Utilities*

Lately I’ve been focused much more on Web development.  Along the way, I’ve discovered a number of utilities that are simply essential to successful coding, depending of course on which frameworks and libraries you are using.  Here’s a sampling, intended … Continue reading

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MVP–thank you

Today I was awarded Microsoft’s MVP, which I have to say was truly terrific.  It is an amazing program with some amazing people, many of whom are friends.  This is the second time I received the MVP (the previous award … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #109–One ASP.NET with Jon Galloway

Jon Galloway, my friend and sometime co-host is interviewed by Jeff Fritz and me about One ASP.NET and what’s new in ASP.NET.  Jon is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft focused on ASP.NET and Jeff is a Developer Evangelist for Telerik … Continue reading

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Sublime Text–My New Love

A week ago I wrote about my new editor: Sublime Text. As I explained then, I bought Sublime Text because I wanted a light-weight text editor with good support for code snippets.  My initial impressions were that Sublime Text

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Sublime Text–Sublime?

This is a very preliminary review of my new text editor: Sublime 3.  I bought Sublime because I needed a very fast, lightweight text editor that supported code snippets.  I will use it primarily when teaching, presenting, etc. on Kendo … Continue reading

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Intel Haswell Ultrabook–Looking Closer

In a previous posting, I explained that Intel sent me a Haswell Ultrabook to review.  I’ve had it now for a couple months, and I have to say it is a superstar. The computer weighs just 3.5 pounds, and the … Continue reading

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A Personal Note – Moving On…

In our industry it is common to have a number of jobs during the course of your career. I’ve benefitted from my experiences at PBS, Citibank, Ziff Davis, AT&T and Microsoft to name just a few. In recent years I’ve … Continue reading

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