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New Pluralsight Course: Sublime Text 3 From Scratch

Very pleased to announce my latest Pluralsight course:  Sublime Text 3 From Scratch Sublime Text 3 is the premier text editor for programmers. This course provides a complete tour of the editor along with extensive coverage of options, plugins, customization, … Continue reading

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Two Dozen Insanely Essential Programmer Utilities*

Lately I’ve been focused much more on Web development.  Along the way, I’ve discovered a number of utilities that are simply essential to successful coding, depending of course on which frameworks and libraries you are using.  Here’s a sampling, intended … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #109–One ASP.NET with Jon Galloway

Jon Galloway, my friend and sometime co-host is interviewed by Jeff Fritz and me about One ASP.NET and what’s new in ASP.NET.  Jon is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft focused on ASP.NET and Jeff is a Developer Evangelist for Telerik … Continue reading

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Sublime Text–My New Love

A week ago I wrote about my new editor: Sublime Text. As I explained then, I bought Sublime Text because I wanted a light-weight text editor with good support for code snippets.  My initial impressions were that Sublime Text

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Kendo UI & DataViz training

Very pleased to announce that starting in October I’ll be conducting Kendo UI and DataViz training for Falafel Software. Kendo UI bundles everything you need to create modern web applications in one box. No more searching the web for the … Continue reading

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Sublime Text–Sublime?

This is a very preliminary review of my new text editor: Sublime 3.  I bought Sublime because I needed a very fast, lightweight text editor that supported code snippets.  I will use it primarily when teaching, presenting, etc. on Kendo … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #94–Phil Haack: Git

Talking with Phil Haack and Jon Galloway about Git, GitHub, GitHub for Windows, organizational structure and much more. Campfire GitHub How GitHub Works GitHub for Windows SeeGit GitFlow Phil’s Blog Think Like (A) Git Emoji TedExScottafb How Great Leaders Serve … Continue reading

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Pluralsight Course: Windows 8 From Start to Store

Shameless self-promotion warning! I have released my first (but not last) Pluralsight course, Windows 8 From Start To Store .  This XAML and C# – based course covers everything from design fundamentals to data to getting your app in the … Continue reading

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Evolving Simple Wireframes With AppMock

In an earlier post I introduced the initial wire-frame design for an application that I’ll be creating from scratch in XAML and C#, tentatively named Conference Buddy.  As noted in that article, Phil Japikse will be creating the same application … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #84–Chris Eargle Discussing Advanced C# and LINQ

Chris Eargle, Technical Evangelist for Telerik, joins me in a discussion of C#, advanced LINQ and some of the esoteric corners of C# and functional coding.    Chris’ Blog Chris on Twitter Chris’ Profile INETA Listen | Yet Another Podcast … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #83–Jon Galloway on Azure and ASP.NET–What’s New.

Jon Galloway joins me for a wrap up of what is new in Azure, ASP.NET and surrounding technologies.  A /build wrap up that starts with the Day 2 Keynote and walks through all the new cool stuff coming out of … Continue reading

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Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro

If you have an MSDN account, you may be able to upgrade from Windows  8 to Windows 8 Pro.   First, login to and click on Access Benefits.  Once there, click on Go To My Product Keys and scroll down … Continue reading

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